Company Directors

Shri Hiteshkumar Gaurishankar Patel

Shri Hiteshkumar Gaurishankar Patel leads the Company’s team and comes with a varied experience in this line of activity of more than 15 Years. He started his career as a trader of Agro-commodities and then slowly moved towards setting up a processing facility for basmati rice. He has been instrumental in successfully operating this manufacturing facility and generating handsome revenue and profitability over the years.

Mr. Patel holds a graduate degree in management and it is his long-standing association with the various stakeholders of the business, that gives him the acumen of successfully running the Company. He comes across as a prudent mix of experience and dynamism. He is also a successful agriculturist, and it is this facet of his personality which gives him deep understanding of the supply side of the business.

In spite of his adequate experience, Mr. Patel has immense zeal to be on the learning side, and constantly endeavors to better his personal goals on a dynamic basis.

Shri Navinchandra Dahyalal Patel comes with more than 40 years of experience in the line of processing and trading of agro-commodities. He spent his formative years in the agricultural markets of North Gujarat where he learnt the intricacies of the supply side.

A graduate by educational qualifications, he later honed his skills by successfully overseeing many such small agro processing units. He is the mainstay of MFLs supply side who looks after the quality of the raw material that is procured from the market. Quality control is the pivot of the business activity and the entire profitability can tilt in case this aspect is ignored. Shri Patel ensures that this profitability is always tilted in the favour of MFL.

Shri Navinchandra Dahyalal Patel

Krunal Rajeshbhai Bhatt

Shri Krunal R Bhatt is the technical backbone of the company with more than 5 years of experience of handling production and plant related activities. Although he has an equal experience in marketing, but his forte remains in ensuring effective functioning of manufacturing facilities. Shri Bhatt holds a graduate degree in Science

Shri Bhatt oversees the day-to-day technical operations of the Company. His acumen helps the company in minimizing its operational costs and thereby ensuring a profitable venture.